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Networking opportunities

Reduce costs, mitigate risk and improve cycle times


Supply chain network optimization initiatives provide the ability to determine the costs and benefits of adapting a company’s overall network in response to such changes.

While these adaptations are often focused on improving service levels and reducing working capital across the end-to-end distribution network, many companies fail to align their network optimization programs with long-term business strategies and implement them in isolation.

At CBSV, we focus on developing dynamic supply chain network optimization capabilities that align the network to long-term business strategy and allow ongoing evaluation of assets as business and environmental conditions change.


  • A lot of companies say they’re client-centric. But they don’t act that way. There’s a lot of one-size-fits-all out there ― whether it's scope, pricing, pace, package or terms.
  • In our experience, clients prefer solutions geared to their needs, not ours. So, we listen to your requirements and evaluate every situation on its own terms.
  • With more than 20 years of steady growth into a procurement leader has taught us that together we can create relationships that make sense and generate lasting value for all. You might say flexibility is in our DNA. Contact us at your convenience, of course.

Key Capabilities

Supply Chain Strategy

Supply Chain Diagnostics

Inventory Optimization Services

Supply Chain Risk Management

Supply Chain Dashboard

Governance & Performance

Procurement Process Design

Change Management

Supply Chain Optimized for Performance

  • Supply chain network modelling by CBSV can help you reduce global supply chain network complexities and improve responsiveness to customer needs by optimizing asset locations across the supply chain.
  • CBSV’s supply chain design experts identify, prioritize and map the best solutions to enterprise priorities and supply chain competencies with a variety of techniques, including what-if scenarios and sensitivity analysis. And that’s every area of the supply chain network, including sourcing, transportation, inventory, warehousing and more.
  • Network optimization programs at CBSV are designed and directed by seasoned industry, process and subject matter experts, supported by world-class infrastructure, a rich knowledge base of best-practice methodologies, an expansive global leadership network and unmatched category, commodity and market intelligence capabilities.

Supply Chain Optimized for Results

  • At CBSV, we measure our success the way you do ― savings realized, value created and delivered in hard currency. And that’s how we measure our impact on our client’s supply chain and distribution networks and their performance.
  • How much did you save? How much more were you able to accomplish? How did we help expand the business? How well are you able to respond to business and environmental conditions?
  • Fact is, CBSV not only helps companies recognize opportunities for positive change, but also helps them achieve that change systematically, making their network operations more flexible, more efficient and more responsive to dynamic business scenarios, such as new product introductions, shifts in demand and consumption patterns, and changes in regulation. Our network optimization strategies are designed to make supply chains more resilient to address current changes and future uncertainties.

Supply Chain Optimized for Growth

Viewed more accurately, your network capabilities are a strategic asset ― and a platform for growth. Is your network designed to enable and energize business strategy as it evolves?


It’s All in the Method


We understand that supply chain design is a critical business function. Our structured approach to supply chain design and network optimization delivers substantial reductions in end-to-end supply chain costs, including purchasing, production, warehousing, inventory and transportation, while significantly improving service levels.

If not, your network is not really optimized. CBSV can help you design, build and manage an enterprise network that not only supports, but helps continually foster profitable growth.



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